Who We Are

Many years ago I remember sitting in a classroom with a Weekly Reader (kids ask your parents) staring down at the image of a Space Shuttle. Something inside me stirred as I looked at the image of it soaring through space. I remember comparing it to the Enterprise and thought about Kirk and his crew.

A few years later we would crowd into a gym, the entire school, to watch as that shuttle flickered to life on a CRT TV. We’d watch the plume it left as it climbed higher and higher in the sky. And we’d sit in hushed silence as the explosion flashed, as the announcers went silent, as NASA control would sit stunned….

Geeks and Nerds. We are collectors, purveyors of fiction and fantasy, rollers of die and mashers of buttons. But deep down, hidden in the depths of our soul are marks left by the passions that drive us. We are not the fandoms or the stories. We are not the wires or the math. We are the remnants of the things that reached into us and caused something to stir.

From the wheezing of a blue box to the theramin cry of an opening sequence, from the sound of dice scattering on a tabletop to the click of a mechanical keyboard. We are excited by the smell of old books, solder as it sets, valve oil and polished wood before a performance.

We are not Nerds and Geeks because of what our passions are, we are Nerds and Geeks because we are our passions.

To you my friends, my brothers and sisters, I dedicate this page so that we may celebrate all that we are.

Sincerely and Humbly,

Jesse Soyk, Founder

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