Faeria: A New Journey Begins

Faeria offers Solo, 1v1, or ladder play, giving you plenty of options for earning new cards to build out your deck.

Faeria is a free to play card/deck building game offered on Steam by Abrakam. And while this genre is growing and several have cropped up, the Faeria experience is uniquely different.

While most games would have you take a hand of cards and then play them on a field (a la Magic The Gathering), Faeria asks you to build out a Catan style board. Using one of your two actions to place lands that are of the type deck you have built. Mountains for mountains, swamps for swamps and so on. These lands not only represent places to play your cards but build a board for units to move about on. Until you can get to your opponents avatar you won’t be able to directly damage them and thereby win the game.

There are many cards and types in the game that are much as you would expect. From spells that buff and debuff to direct damage and such. Nothing should be unexpected for those familiar with the many card games on the market. The appeal of Faeria comes from an interesting play style that mixes TCG with board games. It also doesn’t take itself too seriously¬†with creatures such as “farm boy”.Faeria Board

Placement of your lands is a very strategic and important part of play in Faeria. It can create defenses or give a direct attack path to your enemy.

While you can spend money to craft new cards or purchase packs, the real treat comes in earning them through play. This opens the game up to really be a treat for the E-sports teams out there looking to play on a more level playing field.

This game is incredibly robust and, rather than go through it in minute detail, I encourage you to download it and get your account created. Make short work of the tutorial and you’ll be well on your way to loosing yourself into the realm of Faeria.

Oh! And if you’re up for a game I’m more than happy to oblige.

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