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Stephen Gibson, Creator and Art Director/Illustrator for Greenbrier Games was kind enough to take a moment to answer some questions for us regarding Grimslingers and his work. We look forward to following his future projects (including those mentioned in his answers). Check out the interview below and then back Grimlslingers on Kickstarter!


Stephen, thank you for taking the time to do this Q&A. Our readers will really appreciate you taking the time to do this. I hope you don’t mind if we just jump right in?

I’m really curious about where the idea for Grimslingers came from. What was it that inspired you and led to the concept?

Grimslingers started as just a dinky, non-thematic game where you throw elements at someone. For some reason I decided it’d be cool if you were cowboys throwing down the magic. Just something I didn’t see too much of. I mean, a lot of my design choices are based around things I thought would create a world folks hadn’t seen before – like a Llama wearing spectacles and talking smarter than the humans. Also, a lot of it is just me throwing is stuff I love! Robots, magic, cowboys, weird paranormal junk, dinosaurs, giant monsters…so much! You’ll also see random homages to my favorite IP’s, like the Anima robot that looks like Bill Cypher from Gravity Falls. 
I just mash up stuff I love and do my best to make it all fit!

Is there anything in particular that has surprised you or fascinated you during the process of bringing Grimslingers to life?
I guess my own personal growth has been wonderful to watch. I wasn’t an illustrator when I started, or a graphic designer – but now folks are constantly trying to hire me to do just that and I often hear that people picked up the game just because of the art. Some say it’s the best art they’ve seen in a board game. I’m not sure that’s true, but it’s something that fills me with joy regardless, whenever I hear it. 
Given the means, would you consider returning to the original idea of Grimslingers as a video or app-based game?
Always. I still think the game would make a fantastic app…I think it’d also make a great novel and a great movie! I’d love to just spread Grimslingers into whatever medium I can! But I don’t own the rights to literally any of it anymore…so time will tell what happens.

Greenbrier has seen much of its success from Kickstarter. Is there a chance we may see a Grimslingers app Kickstarter to bring this to mobile devices in the future?

I highly doubt it, sorry! 

Are there any future plans, post-The Northern Territory, for Grimslingers you could talk to or hint at?

Well, “The Northern Territory” is meant to signify that there will be expansions for the south, east, west and central territories. The game has done quite well, so I definitely think all of those will happen. The central territory would actually be called Black Eden, which is a place you’d be excited to explore if you’re familiar with the game. 🙂 

What about for some of the other games that Greenbrier has in production?

Well, it’s not a secret, but after Grimslingers, Greenbrier is going to be working hard on Champions of Hara. It’s a game that was successfully funded a few years ago and was later picked up by Greenbrier Games but put on the back burner. It’s an awesome miniatures game by Walter Barber.

Are there any new projects, either for yourself or Greenbrier, you would like to share?

Grimslingers occupies most of my free time, but I working on two secret projects. Both will be solo/co-op adventure games with giant epic stories and amazing characters – that’s just my thing!

Lastly, is there any advice for aspiring artists that you’d like to impart?
If you do something well enough, eventually people will notice, and eventually they’ll pay you for it. If you do something REALLY well, you’ll have more job offers than you can shake a stick at.
Cautiously compare your art to what you see doing well in the market. That’s your goal. I say cautiously because it can get very demoralizing to constantly compare yourself to others and fall short. Understand where you’re at and where you’re going. Beating yourself up for not being where you want to be literally accomplishes nothing. Fricken sit down and start drawing. Do online tutorials. There are so many tutorials available for free or less than 50 bucks from the leading artists in every industry. There’s never been a time in the world like this, where proper education is so easily accessible, at least for artists. 

Get to work!

Thank you again for taking the time to do this Q&A. We’ll continue to support and spread the word about Grimslingers and Greenbrier.
You’re very welcome! 
Back Gunslingers (and Stephen) at the link below. Also don’t forget to follow Greengrier Games on Facebook.

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