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Vic Thorley, Queen of the Handheld Gaming Network

Today we’re talking with Vic Thorley of HGN (Handheld Gaming Network). She is the founder and driving force behind the enterprise. Having grown the community to over 2200 people, her success is one we really wanted to understand.

Thank you, Vic, for taking the time to answer our questions.


First and foremost, what was it that led you to start HGN?

I have always been a handheld gamer but solely Nintendo. So it was when I first got a Psvita back in 2015 and I tried to find a Facebook group that covered all handheld gaming. I couldn’t really find a suitable one. So I came up with the idea to create one. A place where other handheld gamers could post freely about their collections without having to use several different groups for one post essentially. Other ideas begin to take shape over the next year and we now have a Youtube Channel,  a Facebok page for reviews and an Instagram page. Of course all dedicated to handheld gaming.  

Do you feel that HGN has met the expectations you set for it when you started out, and are there any new expectations now that it’s grown?

It exceeded my expectations. I didn’t expect it to grow so much. I’m really thrilled we have just surpassed 2200 members. We’ve slowly gone onto other social media and establishing those as much as you can at the moment. I would love the channel to get more subscribers in the future. But that is not our main focus. We love to create content for our current followers/members and hopefully that provides an already welcoming place for newcomers. 

Over the last year what have been some of the great moments that really stuck with you?

 I was thrilled when one my gameplay videos reached 1000 views very quickly and I had a lot of positive feedback -When I am still quite new to the Youtuber scene. And mostly to see the Facebook group as much as it has. Everybody there is very freindly and passionate and it is a very welcoming community. I love to see that. 

Your Admin team is one that you select very carefully. What is the one thing you find to be most important in a new Admin/Moderator?

I would say they have to be pretty much obsessed with handheld gaming as much as I am, if that is possible! We take a lot of factors into considersation. But passion is the ultimate one.

The team at HGN is very tight knit. Do you hope to meet them all in person someday?

It would be lovely to not only meet my admin team one day (we are based all around the world) but the group members as well. I imagine a huge gaming event involving all of us would be amazing. I doubt that could pulled off but to meet with other passionate gamers is always fun. 

You’ve launched a website, added a more general Facebook presence… are there any other plans for HGN in the coming year you’d like to share with us?

We’ve really branched out this last year so at the moment our focus it to keep improving HGN in all areas and hope the community continues to grow. That would make us really happy to see.

Alright enough serious stuff, can you share with us the list of your top three favorite games/series?

 Was very hard to narrow it down to three! I think I will choose Ocarina Of Time 3D, Persona 4 Golden and Skies of Arcadia Legends.

Is there anything besides games that you’re passionate about?

 I love to write short stories spanning different genres from Horror, Drama to Fan Fictions. I have a few published to Wattpad and I have more to publish soon. It has always been a passion of mine to write and I am just starting to get my work out there. My late mother wanted me to do something involving writing and I hope I am making her proud.

Is there something you’d like to say to all of the past, present, and future HGN fans out there?

Thank you to all of you for supporting HGN- without you HGN wouldn’t exist and we will keep on doing our best for us for as long you enjoy it!

And if you havent joined our community please do! Not only do we provide lively discussions throughout the year we also host online gaming events and giveaways for our loyal fans.

Thanks again for your time, Vic. We wish you and the HGN team a bright and successful future.

Thank you for your time!


*Victoria and her team at HGN are constantly stiving to improve content, add new outlets, and grow to meet your needs. If you enjoy gaming on a Switch, Vita, 3DS, phone or tablet then join in the discussion at HGN*

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