By Any Other Name…

Last night I was able to finally sit down with my PS Vita and A Rose in the Twilight. I can tell you honestly that I was not prepared for the experience.

Touted and delivered as a puzzle platformer, A Rose in the Twilight delivers. But going in depth into that would diminish what this game truly is by so much.  This game is a dark fantasy about a small girl who awakes with no memory in a dungeon. Covered in thorns and seemingly cursed, you are tasked with guiding her on her adventure to learn her past and escape her surroundings. What truly drags you into this game though is the sheer, daunting atmosphere of it.

It’s greyscale artistry peirced by the shocking bursts of red drive home everything going ME3050688101_2on in the game. With the ever present music that goes beyond ethereal tones, you truly get the sense of prevailing darkness. And let there be no doubt, this game is dark.

Yes, you play as a cute little girl who is followed by her big fluffy (if a giant made of stone can be called that) friend. The giant even craddles and carries her like a ragdoll if you so choose. But don’t let this fool you. Death is everwhere in this game. Not just in the blood that has to be sapped to support her powers, but in every detail of the game.

The foreboding and ever present feeling of dread keeps your heart thumping as you move from one deadly puzzle or memory to the next. And yet, you can’t help but smile as Rose and the giant toddle along. Innocence juxtaposed against the depravity of a World bent on destroying it seems to be at the center of this artful experience.

Overall, A Rose in the Twilight gives exactly what it promised. A game that is an enigma in that the real puzzle is in seeing the light of the philosophy and creativity that went into making this a remarkable experience.

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