Down the rabbit hole…

This past weekend we streamed the first bit of Blackwood Crossing and shared in the experience with you. We went in with an expectation, what we got was so much more.

Following the tale of Finn and Scarlett, two orphaned children who are seemingly on a train to somewhere, the story of Blackwood Crossing draws you in immediately. There is no cheesy backstory or minutes of droning chatter. Simply a girl on a train with her brother.

As Scartlett, you find yourself chasing after Finn through a dream world of trains and treehouses. Plunging into a past to unravel a mystery about where you are and where you are going. The beautifully rendered game puts you squarely into the environment and succeeds in making you feel the dreamlike state. It doesn’t take long to realize the details matter. From posters on the train to little knick knacks that lend to a series of memories, helping you to better understand these two orphans.th

What really surprised me was the puzzle aspect though. I had not expected to be treated to something the likes of Myst (a game I absolutely loved when I was younger). And it is most defintely a treat! With each puzzle comes new information. The story broadening and building as you fit together the pieces. The greatest realization being that Scarlett and Finn are the true puzzle.

Out now on every platform, except Nintendo, this game is more than worth every penny. We absolutely look forward to more from Paper Seven and hope that they are able to enjoy immense success from this soon to be classic must-have.


#BlackwoodCrossing #PaperSevenStudios

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