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Who is the Dead One?

Here’s the thing. I have ecclectic tastes. So after binging some of the typical shiny, happy anime that is so prevelant these days I ran across something a bit more my speed. Another. I’m sure a few of you have heard of this anime, but for those who haven’t? You are in for a treat.

Another fulfills the role of Japanese horror. Focussed on mixing the supernatural with psychological, the anime quickly sucks you in with a dark scene right off the bat. Filled with exposition and giving you the information you need to follow the plot and the characters really gives a laser focus on the sense of dread that makes this show the perfect horror anime.

Centered on the lives of Sakakibara Koichi and Misaki Mei, the story is one of tragedy and terrible loss. Classmates and their family members begin dying off in some truly horrific ways. The root cause? A curse on the Yomiyama Middle School class 3-3.

The whole series takes on a vibe like that of the movie series Final Destination. But the characters aren’t running from death. They know it will come to find them. Instead they seek answers to try and end the curse. In the meantime, they also do their best to protect one another from the tragic incidents plaguing those around them.

Oh, and if you’re going into this expecting anything less than gore and horror? Brace yourself. There are pages and blogs dedicated to detailing each death in order. I won’t spoil it for you, but at least wait through the credits of the final episode. Trust me you’ll definitely curse me for telling you to.

At the end of the day, Another is a must watch anime. Even if you’re not into the thrill of a good spine tingler, and believe me when I say Another is that, give it a go. Just maybe don’t watch alone. Maybe the two of you can figure out who the extra is… before it’s too late.


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